Cottage Kitchen Upgrades

Project Overview


This Cottage Lake tri-level home with wonderful outdoor living spaces and in a family oriented neighborhood remained in the original layout and condition.  The floorplan of this home that was built in 1985 had the standard enclosed kitchen which separated and isolated it from the other living spaces.


The owners wanted to bring this original home and compartmented floor plan up to date and open for their growing family lifestyle with a new kitchen and island bar with new appliances and finishes.


After some preliminary research was done to allow us along with our design, engineering and subcontract partners to give us a firm idea of the existing conditions we were able to create the final plan.  In this new layout we were able to achieve the open kitchen desired by the owners by removing all of the existing walls between the kitchen and the living and dining rooms.  Additionally the opening between the basement family room and old nook was filled in and a door added at the basement stairs to have the ability to completely separate the two spaces.  The existing kitchen window was moved and enlarged to have a better view into the rear yard patio with the fire pit.  The result was an open and updated great room type space that incorporates the kitchen into the rest of the entertaining spaces and takes advantage of the wonderful outdoor spaces.

  • Type: Kitchen Remodel
  • Cost: $52,000
  • Project Duration: 9 Weeks

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