Single Family

Planning a Home Renovation?


Critical Considerations

Why Renovate?

  • Improve look and feel
  • Improve functionality
  • Increase resale value

What are my top challenges?

  1. Finding the right service providers

a. Builder, Architect or Both?

      2. Finding the right products and materials

a. Cost, size, finishes. Can you have all 3?

Who should I hire?

Some things you should consider when selecting your contractor:

  • Are they licensed and bonded?
  • Have they successfully completed similar projects?
  • What quality guarantees do they offer?
  • What is their warranty policy?
  • How do they manage their jobs?

Our Solutions

Honest pricing

We always price responsibly, we know how frustrating it is when something has been overlooked in the quote, just so a contractor can get the job. It’s not the way we work. We include every single cost in our estimate so there are no unexpected extras.

Determine the right fit from the beginning

We feel it is very important to determine as early as possible if our company will be a great fit for you to achieve your project goals. We offer a no cost introductory appointment where we will have a chance to learn more about you and your project. The information we will cover during our consultation will be very helpful and put you in position to succeed in your goal of selecting a contractor, with an efficient use of your time.

  1. We will discuss your project goals and any obstacles you see in achieving them.
  2. What is your motivation for the project?
  3. What is your project timeline and ideal start date?
  4. How long have you been considering this project?
  5. What is the age/history of your home?
  6. Have you had any previous renovation experiences? How did it go?
  7. What type of qualities are you looking for in your renovation contractor?
  8. Have you considered an investment amount for the project?
  9. We will discuss “average” budgets for projects very similar to yours.

Comprehensive Project Evaluation Process

Our process, "The Comprehensive Project Evaluation or CPE", from the introductory appointment, to the design phase, job scope development, the trades meeting and final cost analysis review, is a carefully developed system that was created to benefit the Homeowner and help them thoroughly understand what they need to know before they can safely sign an agreement for their renovation project.

Pacific West Construction believes that there are three vital components to a successful project. We call it Comprehensive Project Evaluation or CPE.

Design. The first thing we need to do is create the design. You will be introduced to our on staff  Designer who will meet with you, take detailed digital images and measurements that will be shared with the Team. In addition the Designer will review and collect any ideas you have regarding style and finish and begin the consultation to determine final material selections. The Designer will arrange visits to showrooms for selections and coordinate the final space plan.

Job Scope. This is possibly the most critical aspect. The Job Scope not only will describe what the project includes, it will also indicate what is NOT included. Clear communication and complete understanding of the scope is crucial. It may take 2-3 meetings before it is accurate! Job scope development includes a visit to the project location with the Pacific West Trades Partners (our plumber, electrician, painter, floorcovering installer, etc) where a detailed review of the scope of work will be completed and a plan of action will be created to address every item. This one step alone can help eliminate surprises later as everyone has had a chance to review the actual onsite conditions.

Cost Analysis. We use historical data, trade partner and vendor input to create an accurate cost evaluation. The investment figure will be presented as a lump sum amount for the entire project scope.

Comprehensive Project Evaluation VS 'Free Estimate'

Our motto is “on budget and on time” and CPE is how we accomplish that with regularity. The CPE is a professional service that leaves no stone unturned and will provide a complete design, materials selection specification and an accurate project cost based on a specific criteria. We eliminate any surprises in terms of budgeting and scheduling.

The CPE service fee varies and is based on the complexity of the project. If Pacific West is awarded the project then we will deduct the service fee from the project cost. This service is far from what most contractors call a “free estimate”.

Solution Process

Initial Contact

We’ll have an initial call to find out more about your needs and ideas. We'll also touch on the home renovation process to help you develop the right expectations on your project. 


Introduction Appointment

We come to visit the site. This means we can get a thorough understanding of your requirements and produce an estimate that is as accurate as possible. If you’re happy, you pay a small deposit to start the Comprehensive Evaluation Process(CEP).  



You will meet with our associated designer or architects for couple of times during this phase. Our designer will take you to multiple showrooms in the Seattle area to guide you through your selection.


Job Scope

Our Trade partners will visit your home 2-3 times to develop a detailed job scope. This one step alone will eliminate surprises during your project and prevent going over time and over budget. 


Cost Analysis

We use historical data, trade partner and vendor input to create an accurate cost evaluation. We will present you a Final Budget and contract. Once you agree upon the contract. We will Schedule a start date and then you can sit back and enjoy the rest of the process


A Word From Our Clients

"Pacific West were very respectfully and covered the floors for protection each time and cleaned up before leaving the job every day and locked up."

- shores3609

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