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At Pacific West Construction, we have assembled a knowledgeable team of project managers, superintendents, and field staff to complete any size project. We bring innovative ideas at every stage. From the pre-construction phase through completion, we accomplish the project goals in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. We have a thorough vetting process for each sub-contractor we use, so we can guarantee that they'll complete every task correctly the first time.

In fact, that's our Pacific West promise: we pledge to do what is right, the first time.




In the Fall of 2018, a group of Seattle’s private and non-profit sector organizations convened to develop and implement an Unreinforced Masonry Retrofit policy for public safety.  “Requiring retrofits for URMs means that more of these ‘character buildings’ may be preserved after an earthquake. Retrofits can help lessen damage to these buildings.”  Pacific West is dedicated and experienced in preserving Seattle’s oldest and most historic URM buildings while also helping phase construction, assist in refinances through seismic holdbacks as well as working to minimize tenant relocation. Go to to check if any of your properties have been designated as URM. Similarly, Seattle may be moving towards another retrofit policy for unreinforced concrete structures and we hope to play a major part in the preservation of these buildings as well.

Building Envelope


Pacific West provides thorough building envelope remediation assessment and design for your structures. We factor in structural integrity as well as air, temperature, and moisture control. Our goals are to maximize your structure’s efficiency, minimize future maintenance needs and refresh your property either with a new aesthetic or to restore its original character.  We are all well versed in Seattle City code as well as possible incentives to help provide the best material choices at a discounted rate.

Tenant Improvement /

interior Remodel

We take existing structures and increase their functionality and aesthetic appeal. From quick turn-arounds to full-scale remodels, we work with building owners to maximize the appeal and profitability of commercial and residential structures throughout the Seattle area. Pacific West can investigate you properties for under-utilized spaces and ways in which we can add extra bedrooms, new units and varying amenities to increase revenue as well as property value.



& Feasibility

We provide a complete analysis of proposed construction in relation to the existing structure. We always provide a complete proposal, so you can avoid surprise costs and delays.


On Time


We assign a full-time superintendent and dedicated project manager for each project, so we can ensure all projects come in on time.



& Safety

We prioritize your security. Our owner/tenant liaison uses double blind key storage for each project, and conducts weekly documented project-specific safety meetings. 

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