Once you’ve placed a responsible tenant in your rental, your major responsibilities as a landlord will likely revolve around keeping the property and unit in good repair.  Pacific West was founded for just this purpose; to provide a one-stop trusted maintenance resource that can relieve Property Managers of these responsibilities and allow them to focus on other aspects of their job. Here are some common maintenance issues we see on a regular basis:

Common Maintenance Problems

Problem 1:

Electrical, Plumbing and Boiler

We provide electrical, plumbing and boiler needs with the understanding that these services are essential for your tenants on a daily basis and that they must be addressed within 48 hours of submission to keep our Owners and Property Managers in compliance. Emergency services are also available for those can’t-wait repairs that may be causing damage to the property.

Problem 2:

Property Upkeep

We provide common are cleaning services, dump runs for move-outs and unsightly debris, graffiti removal and landscaping services to keep your property looking pristine. Whether you are looking to attract new tenants, impress with your next appraisal or take great pride in having your property stand-out in the community, these services are effective ways to keep you property in good order.

Problem 3:

Unit Turns

One of the most important pieces of property management is the ability to get clean units back online and rent ready as quickly as possible. Pacific West assigns teams to each work order to make sure that we are being efficient with our time to remove debris, install new flooring, fix small cabinet and countertop issues, paint and clean so that the units are rent ready as quickly as possible.


Save Time

& Money

Dealing with maintenance requests and issues can often be frustrating and time-consuming. Let us manage your maintenance while you focus on what’s most important.


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With everything from plumbing to cleaning, we're the only resource you need to resolve all of your maintenance needs.




Immediate response and affordable flat rate billing streamline your (and your tenants'!) customer experience.

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