Seattle’s Best Fire Escape Specialists

As a landlord or property owner in Seattle or the surrounding areas, keeping your tenants safe is your top priority. This includes ensuring that your building's fire escapes are up to code and ready for use in case of an emergency. That's where Pacific West comes in.

Full-Service Fire Escape Solutions

We are the Seattle region’s only full-service fire escape specialists and handle everything from permitting and engineering to certification specific to your municipality's requirements. Our team of experts will ensure that your building stays ahead of Seattle's fire escape regulations.

Why Fire Escape Certification Is Important

  • Protects your tenants in case of an emergency
  • Meets local regulations and standards
  • Maintains the safety and integrity of your building
  • Avoids costly fines and penalties for non-compliance
  • Protects your investment and property value

Stay Ahead of the Regulations

Seattle requires a load test every five years to make sure that fire escapes can hold the weight of occupants in case of an emergency. Our engineering team completes these tests to the highest standards, giving you peace of mind that your building is safe.

Comprehensive Fire Escape Solutions

If your fire escape requires repair or replacement, the team at Pacific West can handle the whole process from start to finish. We are equipped to handle any situation, so you don't have to line up secondary contractors or manage a complicated process to implement changes.

Contact Us Today

Contact Pacific West today to schedule a fire escape assessment. Our team will provide you with a comprehensive report, including any necessary repairs or upgrades to bring your building up to code. Protect your tenants, protect your investment, and stay up to code.

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